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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

While the NDIS has been rolled out across much of Australia in the last 18 months, it will not come into effect on the Queensland until  2018. However, the evidence suggests that those who have access to quality information about the NDIS are able to make a smoother transition to the new system than those who do not.

It is likely though, that many more people will be eligible for long-term funding under the NDIS for the provision of support services. We have seen the NDIS rollout in other parts of Australia and we have seen what has worked well with the system and what clients need to be aware of.

“Like all things, the more information individuals have, the more empowered they can be.”

“The Federal Government has given an undertaking that no individuals will be worse off financially under the NDIS. We want to ensure people of the Brisbane and surrounding area living with a disability know how to enter into the NDIS and get the most out of it to ensure they have all the support they need and can aim to live a life which is enriching and joyful.”

The reason so many people are concerned about changes to their funding models is because the funding is used, among other things, to pay support staff to help them get in and out of bed, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, social interaction, shopping. These are things those without a disability take for granted.

“The more planning people with disabilities do before the NDIS is introduced, the more likely they are to get the funding they both need and would like,”

A2Z Care Plus is encouraging people with a disability to start planning for the NDIS as soon as possible. This allows them to be clear on what they need and allows their service providers to help them get it.

NDIS funding will be available to Australians with a disability, who are aged 65.

If you would like more information on the NDIS please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3273 3135.

Disability Support Services NDIS

NDIS – What is NDIS?

National Disability Insurance Scheme is a new way of providing people with disability across country with support to meet their disability needs and link them with their community.

The scheme supports people with a permanent and significant disability to take part in everyday activities. This includes people whose disability is an intellectual, sensory or physical impairment, or a psychiatric condition.

 This page will be regularly updated with information on how to make the best transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). At A2Z Care Plus, we understand there is a lot of confusion and angst about the impending changes.  If you would like to discuss your NDIS care plan and how to get the most out of the new system, whether you are an existing NDIS participant or new looking at your options, call us to arrange an appointment.
For more information on the NDIS and how it may impact you, visit: NDIS – Government information page

The Australian Department of Human Services continues to provide some quality information on the roll out of the NDIS.

To find out more about the roll out of the scheme across Queensland, click here. The NDIS in Queensland

A2Z Care Plus is NDIS registered and starting pre-planning now!